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Looking Ahead
July 2017
July 9
'The Blood of Titans': Poisons and Poisoners in the Roman World
July 12
Women and Power in Herodotus
August 2017
August 13
Emperors and the Arena | Preliminary Talk: Mrs Betty Fletcher's Donations to the R D Milns Antiquities Museum
September 2017
September 10
Mass Migration in the Early Hellenistic Age
October 2017
October 8
Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship Presentation | Preliminary Talk: Rebuilding the Walls of an Ancient Royal City
November 2017
November 5
Anatomy of Caesar's Murder

Past Events in 2017


Sunday May 7
Half an Ounce of Gold: Precious Metal Jewellery in the R D Milns Antiquities Museum by Mr James Donaldson.
Preliminary Talk: Murder in Athens: Law of Homicide in the Democratic Polis by Charles Pry.