The Bank of England mosaic, Roman Britain, 3rd century AD.
Lion Mosaic, Verulamium Museum.

Art in Roman Britain

This talk looks at floor mosaic as an important part of the art of Britain at the time of the Romans. Because of their durability, many partial or whole mosaics have been found and these documented either by detailed drawings and paintings, or by photography. In modern times, archaeology has improved the recovery rate and judicious restorations have made many mosaics available for public viewing. Because of the number of mosaics uncovered, scholars have been able to determine the progress of the art form through the three and a half centuries of Roman occupation.

Topics examined in this talk include: the origins of mosaics; the materials and techniques used; the changing styles from the first to the fourth century and the work of the various "workshops" or "schools"; the subject matter of the mosaics; and an assessment of their artistic merit. A list of useful references and websites will be given at the end of the lecture.

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