Theatre of Dionysus.
Theatre Philippi.

Greek theatres and Roman spectacles

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  • Speaker(s): Ms Rebecca Smith
  • Sunday 3rd February, 2013
  • 2:00pm - 2:30pm
  • 222, Parnell Building (building 7), The University of Queensland, St Lucia
  • The Romans in Britain at 2:30pm.

Notice (as of 01/02/13): Due to summer semester examinations, there has been a last minute change of venue. Sunday series lectures will be held in room 222 of the Parnell building (7), across the Great Court from Forgan Smith (1).

There are very few examples of purpose-built amphitheatres in the Roman provinces of Greece, despite the evidence attesting to the popularity of gladiatorial combats and venationes in this region. Alternatively, existing entertainment buildings, such as theatres, were adapted in order to accommodate these kinds of spectacles, a circumstance that is often explained as part of a more complicated process of 'Romanization'. By examining the theatres of Athens, Thasos, and Philippi, and the evidence for gladiatorial games in these cities, this paper will argue that the modification of classical Greek theatres for the provision of Roman-style spectacles was rather a result of the dialogue between Greek and Roman concepts of urbanism.

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