The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy
Forgan Smith (building 1), The University of Queensland, St Lucia
Venue: Forgan Smith (building 1), The University of Queensland, St Lucia.

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The Lead-Up to the Trojan War

"It is in my mind" said Zeus "to cause the great and glorious war of Troy, that shall be famous till the end of Time." And it shall be so, as long as people listen to a well told story or read Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey.

The stories I will relate of how the great War of Troy came about are as fascinating as the stories of the war itself. They include:

  • Leda, seduced by a swan, hatching Helen, the "World's Desire", from an egg.
  • Achilles, made invulnerable by the waters of the River Styx, but failing to achieve immortality.
  • The golden apple, the Judgement of Paris, and the fateful consequences.

These fascinating tales will be made brilliant by the words of great poets of the past three thousand years.

I look forward to telling you these timeless stories.