• Friday July 2, 2010
  • 9:30am: Greek and Latin Examinations
  • Venue: Room 323, Michie Building (building 9), The University of Queensland, St Lucia

Greek and Latin Examinations

How would you have fared in the first examinations in Greek and Latin at the University of Queensland in 1911?

As part of The University of Queensland's Centenary Alumni Reunion Weekend (July 2nd-4th), you can come and find out on Friday July 2nd, when there will be on offer the (modified) first year Greek and Latin papers (Unseen Translation and short essays).

Each paper will consist of a passage of verse and a passage of prose to be translated into English and two brief essay-type questions out of a choice of 9 for the Greek and 10 for the Latin. Each examination will last for one hour.

  • Greek is at 9:30AM
  • Latin is at 11:00AM

There will be a PRIZE for the best paper in each language.

N.B. You may do BOTH or EITHER of the Greek and Latin papers.