Professor Vincent Gabrielsen (The University of Copenhagen).

Public Lecture | Banking and Credit Operations in the Ancient Greek World

The paper discusses the character and volume of moneylending activites from the last part of the Classical period to the end of the Hellenistic period. Particularly it documents the various sources of credit that existed and the ways they interacted. It demonstrates the emergence and growth of two financial innovations with a lasting significance: (a) The Public Bank and (b) chains of credit formed by cities, private moneylenders and prestigious temples.

Vincent Gabrielsen is Denmark's only Professor of Ancient History. He is a leading international expert on ancient Greek navies, Greek warfare, Athenian political institutions, Hellenistic social history and the ancient history of the Black-Sea region. He has published more than half a dozen books and is constantly in demand for public lectures across Europe. He was born in the Piraeus, Greece. At the end of his stay in Brisbane he will present lectures at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University.