Two surgical hooks from the first century. One carries a cataract needle at the other end to the hook.
Roman skull from the museum in Cirencester UK with a healed misaligned fracture of the skull and healing trephine hole.
A seventeenth century engraving of a cataract operation using the Ancient Roman technique of "couching" the cataract.

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Blood on the Blade: Some Thoughts on the Skilled Surgery of the 1st Century

Few people realise that Roman surgeons performed operations of great skill and delicacy as well as a few which we modern people would regard as brutal and barbarous, but often there was no alternative if the patient's life was to be saved.

Dr. John Ratcliffe, a retired doctor, and currently studying at UQ for a Ph.D. in Ancient Medical History, will present an illustrated lecture describing some operations which are described by a first century Roman doctor.