The Antikythera mechanism.

Greek Technology from Homer to the Antikythera Mechanism

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  • Speaker(s): Dr Amelia Brown
  • Sunday 6th March, 2011
  • 2:30pm
  • 139, Goddard Building (building 8), The University of Queensland, St Lucia
  • Dead Language? No Way! at 2:00pm.

Our modern age is generally described as a Technological era, featuring rapid development in creation of new inventions. Conversely, Classical Antiquity is often characterized as static, traditional or even obtuse, ignorant of most technology and unable to develop it or use it 'correctly'. However a growing number of scholars are questioning this picture, using archaeology and new translations of literary sources.

In this talk I will highlight the technological achievements of the Ancient Greeks, from the craftsmen of the Iron age through the savants who created and used the Antikythera mechanism, the most sophisticated geared machine to survive from Antiquity.

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