The Sleeping Hermaphrodite, marble, Roman copy of a Greek original, second century BCE.
Aphrodite, marble, first century CE, Soli, Cyprus.
Priest of Aphrodite, limestone, last quarter of the sixth century BCE, Aphrodite temple site, Golgoi, Cyprus.

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Sexually Ambiguous Imagery in Ancient Cyprus

Sexually ambiguous imagery was a feature of Cypriot figurative art from at least the Neolithic and remained part of ancient Cypriot tradition for at least seven millennia. The purpose of this type of imagery is a topic of considerable controversy: some sexually ambivalent figures are unequivocally associated with early Cypriot religion, whilst others remain a mystery. Is it possible that some of these images relate to the secular world rather than the sacred?

In her presentation, Dr Christou will consider both the archaeological and literary evidence.