"Queen Zenobia\'s Last Look Upon Palmyra" by Herbert Schmalz (1856–1935).

Zenobia, Queen of the Desert

In the 3rd century AD the Roman Empire entered a period of severe crisis intensified by the rise of the great Persian (Sasanian) Empire in the East, which threatened to engulf the entire near eastern world that lay beneath Rome's sway. Midway between the Roman and Persian Empires was the desert city of Palmyra. From this city there arose a warrior queen of Arab origin called Bath-Zabbai, better known to us as Zenobia.

Originally taking on the role of champion of Rome against the Persians, she soon became Rome's enemy and led her armies against its dwindling might to victories in Syria, Egypt and Asia Minor. Her rise to power, her triumphs, her humiliating fall and the mystery surrounding her ultimate fate will be the subject of today’s lecture.

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