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Looking Ahead
August 2019
August 11
The Forum Augustum: Re-shaping Collective Memory about Roman War | Preliminary Talk: Caesar on Screen: Depictions of Julius Caesar in 1960s Cinema
September 2019
September 8
Celts, Art and European Nationalism | Preliminary Talk: Accidental Prophecies: Unintended Actions Interpreted as Omens
October 2019
October 6
Fidelity vs. Creativity: the Screen Reception of Ancient Tragedy in Modern Greece | Preliminary Talk: Announcement: Betty Fletcher Scholarship Award 2019
November 2019
November 3
Imperial Apocalyptic? The Ominous Rise of the Emperor Vespasian | Preliminary Talk: TBA

Supplementum Novorum

This will give readers, who may or may not yet be members of FOA, information about recent events and functions that will be of interest to them. The information given will be very brief and will serve as an aide-mémoire for those who have attended the function and as a taster to tempt those who did not attend in the hope that they may attend future similar events. Fuller reports of most of the functions will be published in hard copy in our quarterly journal Nova.