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Alumni Library Privileges

One of the important privileges of membership of the Alumni Friends of UQ, which all Friends of Antiquity enjoy, is access to one of the best libraries in Australia at a greatly discounted rate. The UQ Library has an enormous collection of books and it also subscribes to thousands of journals on almost every topic. The library is centrally placed on our beautiful St. Lucia campus. Nearby is a popular open air café which sells excellent teas and coffee- without muzak. What more can you, as a keen student of Antiquity, want?

It may not be widely known that any member of the Friends of Antiquity is free to consult books and journals in the Library without any membership fee but you cannot take items out of the library without becoming a member. In order to take books away on loan and to access some of the electronic journals on the UQ Library computers and on your computer at home, you need to have a Library membership.

Alumni Friends of UQ (and this means nearly all members of the FOA) are entitled to a discount on membership and may join the Library for $140 per year (normally $200 p.a. for the general public); $140 a year is less than $3.00 a week! This basic category of membership entitles you to borrow up to 15 items (most books can be borrowed for 14 days and you can renew up to three times). However, if you are a graduate of The University of Queensland, and many members of the FOA are UQ graduates, you are eligible for 'Alumni membership'; this costs only $75 per year and allows you to borrow even more books for longer and remote access to a limited number of online resources. New UQ graduates are given free membership of the Library for one year.

Please note that the library category of 'Alumni' means graduates of UQ and does not mean members of the 'Alumni Friends of UQ'.

A summary of the borrowing privileges available with the various categories of membership is given at

An application form must be submitted via the Library website to take advantage of these exceptional privileges, To become an Alumnus Friend member of the UQ Library, go to

If you are a graduate of UQ go to

If you are not a Friend of Antiquity but wish to become a Community member of the UQ Library go to

These data are correct at the time of writing. If you have any queries about taking out a membership or accessing library materials, you may contact Ms Tanya Ziebell, at the UQ Library, at or by phone on 07 33656315. She will be very helpful.